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Recognised once for oil and mass population, Nigeria has transformed rapidly from the howling city of traffic to the developments of flourishing cities, lush landscapes and beaches. Notable as the 'City of Streams and Rivers', Nigeria has come a long way to offer itself as one of the most engrossing places to visit in Africa. Its national parks are home to some of the most fascinating and endangered species, while the surrounding mountains offer a cooler atmosphere. No matter from where you board flights to Nigeria, after enjoying a thrilling journey you finally land at your choicest city airport and continue your journey into the depth of Africa. Book your trip to Nigeria at ease with FlyAfrica and board your flight from any of the key airports of the UK. The estimated time from London to Nigeria is 6 hours. A wealth of attractions and cultural features are the greatest assets of Nigeria. With tickets to Nigeria, you will also encounter a much quieter country that will surely make you feel at home.

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