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With flights to Tanzania you step into the gateway towards Serengeti National Park and the mysterious Kilimanjaro. Tanzania is a country that must be explored once in a lifetime as visitors unearth abundance that is wrapped in a tiny place. While this country is famous for its undisturbed wildlife, the nation has more than you can imagine. Apart from the stunning wildlife tours, the destination brings you closer to an extravagant culture and terrific beaches. When you are unable to take more, you encounter ruins and find yourself at the foot of the majestic Kilimanjaro. Vibrancy is speckled everywhere, even in the Tanzanian cuisine. FlyAfrica offers cheap tickets to Tanzania from several different airports of the UK. Julius Nyerere International Airport (DAR) serves as the main airport of Tanzania, which is 12 kilometres from the Dar Es Salaam city centre. The flight time from London to Tanzania is approximately 11 hours. From FlyAfrica you experience a simple, hassle-free booking service for all major airlines. Book flights online with us and save big!

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