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Please go through with the terms and conditions of using and booking your flights with If you are using the website, you remain to agree with all the terms and conditions mentioned below. If you differ with any term or condition below, you will not be susceptible to use the website for booking or any other purpose. Each enquiry related to the product and service of the website should be forwarded to, 38 Riding House Street, London W1W7ES, United Kingdom or to
The term 'Booking' will refer to purchase of a product/service you ordered and approved by us. This agreement will be between the user/you and when a sum of order is fully paid by the user/you. Every product and service from/on this website is a subject to accessibility and availability.
In the context of flights, there are a few terms adjoined to the flight fares. For an instant, the 'economy constrained' flight tickets are non-refundable and unchangeable in major circumstances unless/otherwise stated. Please note that failure of boarding of flight may debar the boarding of following flights automatically. The check-in at least 2 hours prior to departure time in case of an international flight; whereas the check-in time for domestic flights is 90 minutes prior to departure. Many international and domestic flights require a boarding verification 72 hours prior to departure. Failure in verification may lead to termination of flight ticket as most of the airlines hold the right to cancel or modify the flight bookings. To know more about these conditions, we request you to check the conditions of your respective flight airline.

We may also remind you that the customer care service of is there to help you with the best of our efforts and they are not liable for any changes or cancellation of flights come across from the airline itself. Team has no control over seat allocation, hence they request you to check-in as early as possible to get the seat of your choice. Also, is not accountable for any airport transfer cost that may arrive during your travel, unless/otherwise requested and paid.

The timings of flights are managed on 24-hour time frame and are subject to change as per the flight schedule, carrier type and climactic circumstances. Information about your total flight time is just an indicative time-frame and it may vary as per climate, schedule and air traffic. The type of passenger, i.e. infant, children and adult are based on the age during the return of flight and flight fare will be charged accordingly. For example, if a passenger ageing between 6 weeks to 2 years are considered as an infant, whereas passengers with the age of 2 years to 12 years are considered as children, passengers ageing above 12 years are considered as an adult. For more info, we request you to contact your respective airline and check their policies for the same.
A 'Direct Flight' is considered to be the flight that includes no aircraft change, but may stop to deboard of passengers and refuelling whenever necessary. These flights are considered to be among the most expensive flight services and have better features.
Non-stop flights are the flights that fly from the origin airport and land to the destination without being stopped at any point for any reason. These flights are considered to be the quickest modes of travel and are the most expensive mode of travel from point A to point B.
Those flights that require a change of plane, airport terminal or city falls under Stopover flights and are often cheaper than Direct and non-stop flights. These flights are considered the most economical flights and mostly have the condition of non-chargeable and non-refundable policies.
The best price we assurance are for the passengers who successfully book their flight ticket online with the cheapest price available. The prices of flight ticket are subject to change without any prior notice, as a part of an agreement between the airline and holds the right to change the fares before or after the flight is being booked till the time you pay the full amount of your purchase. holds the right to decline any booking that is been made verbally and have any amount due by customer's end. At the time of making a bulk booking/group booking, user authenticated the information provided for entire party is correct and abide to pay the full payment as well as agreeing to these terms and conditions on behalf of all members.
At the time of booking your flight ticket, you will be given the choice of selecting either paper ticket or e-ticket. Please note that airline has their own rules and policies related to e-tickets and hold no obligation if you/user are not in agreement with the airline's terms and conditions. We strongly recommend to check and verify with the airline itself in concern of E-Tickets.
Delivery of your paper tickets requires a proper and accurate details that are provided by you/user. We at are not accountable if the information provided by the user is incorrect that can lead to failure of delivery of the flight ticket. We strongly recommend to provide accurate information while booking your flight ticket like name, address, phone number and email address. We request you to immediately inform us if there is any change/modification in these details. We also request you to provide the details as they appeared on passport at the time of booking your flight ticket. Users please note that do not deliver paper tickets outside the UK. If you do not receive your flight paper tickets within given time, we request you to please inform us immediately. We strongly suggest to kindly inform us prior to booking if you have any other pending booking through any other travel agent under process.

Reissuing of lost tickets are subject to an additional charge in most of the airlines. The cost of re-issuing of flight ticket varies up on airline and its policies. In case you do not receive your ticket within 7 days of your flight booking, we request you to contact us within 48 hours in case the departure of your flight departure is within this time. Failure to do so will bring the payment by you to settle any charge concerning re-issue of your flight ticket. You can check the advancement of your flight ticket delivery on the courier company's website with the help of allotted number given to you on booking confirmation e-mail.

In some exceptional cases, is not accountable if the reserved tickets are cancelled by the airline due to miscellaneous restrictions beyond its control. In such exceptional cases, one of our agents will call you within 48 hours of verification along with a few options of alternative flight or option to organizing a refund. In case you/the user opt for an alternative option, the user is liable to pay the difference to settle the final price of service.
The termination/amendments and rescheduling of flights by you are subject to the respective airline's terms and conditions. In order to modify/cancel your flight ticket, we request you call us on 0203 515 1916 or email us at In case of a traveller fails to board the outbound flight, the airline holds the rights to cancel the following flights and making it a non-refundable flight. If you/user wish to modify/cancel the flight close to the departure date or time, we strongly suggest to receive a written mail confirming your changes/cancellation of flights.
Any change in your flight booking apart from increasing the number of passengers, it is essential to pay the adjustment fee per person which is notified while changing. Afterwards, we will confirm you about the availability of seats. We request you to pay the complete amount of service at the time of your flight booking whereas at the time of cancellation, we reserve the rights to increase the cancellation administration fee apart from airline charges for change/cancel. In case of many international airlines, supplier considers a change of name as a cancellation and should not allow to refund back any money. In case of failure of boarding an outbound flight, airline voluntarily cancels the inbound flight and make it non-refundable.
There are a few policies for expectant mothers who are at 28 weeks or more into their pregnancy at the time of return of flights. Airlines do not allow to book a ticket with a passenger with such issues. We strongly recommend to take an advice from the doctor before planning a travel and contact with the respective airline as well in the same context.
Unfortunately, there are a few destinations across the world that are not suitable for differently able/disable passengers. If a user comes under the category, we request you to check with the embassy of the respective destination for suitability of destination to travel.
Travel insurances are subject to your own interest and is not imposed to any travel itinerary. However, it is important to take one as safety precautions. The travel insurance covers a big uncertain part of your travel and will help you to pay substantial charges in case of any cancellation. The travel insurance policy may cover grievance, frailty, deprivation, being jobless as well as jury service. It will also provide a 24-hour medial crisis as well as return to the UK whilst cover all medical expenses of illness, accident or any other mishap that may come abroad.
A booking with requires a full payment of the sum for the service you are taking from We may provide your credit card details to the respective travel supplier of your travel itinerary to finalize your booking process. Payment methods for any payment to are mentioned on the website and we are not liable for any payment made apart from those methods. Also, we are not credible for any booking issue/confirmation or price fixing till the time the complete payment is received. is an IATA ticketing agent which makes the payment and booking secured with us. Also, your travel details and booking confirmation will be sent to you within 24 business hours of your payment. Please note that the payment can be made with all major debit and credit cards (including American Express) as mentioned on the website. holds the rights to charge additional fees as per required by the travel supplier while making a booking with a credit card and the same will be notified to you while making a booking with
In case the booking is made through a third party credit card, we require an authorisation check including a written authorization by the card holder in order to reduce card frauds.
While making a booking via Credit Card, the payment will be charged by the airline and will not be liable for any price change. To know about the visa, health and passport requirements for non-British citizens, we request you to check with the respective countries embassy for requirements of any special documents. holds no accountability for any failure which is not caused by the agent and travel suppliers of For any loss/failure by, the reimbursement is limited to the maximum of the total price of service/product in respect to your claim. For any complaints or query, we request you to directly contact to our customer care department by calling on 0208 477 7192 or mailing to us at